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All the fun of the funfair brisbane wedding photography

This weekend we had a ball at a Funfair, literally, filming a halloweened  themed wedding with everyone dressing up including all the crew. Some stunning pictures to follow but first we had a bit of fun at the fair ourselves shooting when everyone had gone home. This allows us to get the shots without everyone being in the way but fairs really aren’t about that. Its the hustle and bustle, seeing happy faces, trying new things with all the tackiness of the bright lights, loud music and showmen. Sadly a lot of those interesting characters have disappeared and a lot …

cedar creek estate winery wedding photography and videography

 Another fine day working alongside some very talented people. Special mention must go to Allan Ralph who brought a very relaxed and personal touch as celebrant and believe me I have seen hundreds !   Also the whole team at cedar creek estate winery  so helpful. Then the creatives Storm Jury, Tristan and myself from 7000 degrees video and Linda Pasfield Photography . Great Atmosphere everyone working towards the same objective and that was Shannon and Ben having a great wedding. One of those weddings when you truly felt the love and you’re having to choke back the …

St Stephens Brisbane with Brisbane wedding videographers 7000 degrees

Some reception shots from the forthcoming video of Dan & Libby. Filmed at the Majestic St Stephens Brisbane and Dockside it was a beautiful coming together of two families. Working with the effervescent Ben of Ben Clark Photography we had a great day capturing the occasion. Making it very special was Fr Joe McGeehan; a long time friend of the family, who officiated at the ceremony.

brisbane wedding photographer ducks

So you’re looking down the lens and a pirate ship swings into view with a pretty nasty looking bunch turning their water canons onto you… Well luckily Top professional lenses come with shower proofing, add a good waterproof casing and you’re set. Though its often just best to get out the way and let the pirates get on with it 🙂 Thats the thing about wedding photography you have to think on your feet and thats where experience counts. You know where to go if it rains and how to shoot. Some of my best shots are in the rain. …

7000 degrees new webpage

7000 degrees has a new webpage. I’ve been privileged to see so many new wild and wonderful things this year, its been a time that is really opening up for me creatively speaking. Apart from being involved in many wonderful weddings i have been creating images from new viewpoints both overseas and from in the air. So now to move forward with a brand new look and hence 7000 degrees new webpage. It will be fine tuned over the coming weeks but i’m very excited about the future and 7000 degrees direction.