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brisbane wedding videography at The Stamford Plaza




What a great day at The Stamford Plaza. Adriana & Andrew looking out over the Brisbane River from the Stamford Gardens with their families and friends as they said their vows. Both Mums were so proud that their faces just lit up and I detected a tear or two in the Dads eyes. It was such a fun affair with Andrew’s brothers supplying the humour and Dad nearly managing to auction Gigantor off. Adriana’s dress looked fantastic with some beautiful detailing on it and brisbane wedding videography 7000 degrees captured it all on film with Linda Pasfield Photography doing what she does best, making the day go smoothly whilst she gets some stunning pictures. Then following a location shoot at The Botanical Gardens we hit the streets and then went back to the Stamford for this great staircase shot beautifully lit . What makes a great wedding ? great families who support and respect each other. Nothing brings a tear to my eye quicker than when a son or daughter acknowledges what their parents have done for them .  And as said” if I can be half the Dad  that my father is- i reckon we should have a pretty good family”

Here’s what the bride has said so far:

“Hi Jez and Linda,Thank you both for your work on the weekend and to Ruth and Storm as well, they were awesome.We were so happy with the photo and video coverage you were both getting and were very impressed with how you worked together and both fed of each other’s ideas.  We have been in other bridal parties where the videographer and photographer do not get along so it was just good to see you both getting along so well and not rushing us. We can’t wait to see some of the pics!!”

Yep brisbane wedding videography 7000 degrees has years of wedding experience and make for great creative collaborators- you can also see our wedding photography on our other pages