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All the fun of the funfair brisbane wedding photography

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This weekend we had a ball at a Funfair, literally, filming a halloweened ¬†themed wedding with everyone dressing up including all the crew. Some stunning pictures to follow but first we had a bit of fun at the fair ourselves shooting when everyone had gone home. This allows us to get the shots without everyone being in the way but fairs really aren’t about that. Its the hustle and bustle, seeing happy faces, trying new things with all the tackiness of the bright lights, loud music and showmen. Sadly a lot of those interesting characters have disappeared and a lot of it has been replaced by laser lights, animatronics and light activated dummies. I remember ( here we go ) when as a kid we were paid to help out at the local travelling fair, riding the dodgems- taking money or being in the haunted house and as people went past in the dark just touching them lightly on the shoulder. There seemed to be an element of danger under pining the travelling folk- always grafting and looking for another way to take your money.