Eight Questions Sustainability-Minded Roasters Should Ask ImportersDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Coffee in Minova, on the shores of Lake Kivu. Photo by MNKF Creatives, courtesy of Mighty Peace Coffee. The coffee industry and its supply chains are complex. The SCA’s coffee systems map identifies 27 stakeholders scattered across continents that make our industry run. Each participant has its own needs, incentives and challenges, including navigating the … Read more

Hario Smart G Kettle Review

If you’re a pour over coffee enthusiast looking for something new for the coffee bar, the Hario Smart G kettle might be just the thing to improve your coffee brewing! Deriving inspiration from other kettles of its kind, like the famed Hario Buono, the Hario Smart G kettle is the latest edition to the Hario … Read more

Misunderstood Coffee Drinks: The Shakerato

We take a look at the history and popularity of the shakerato. BY EDDIE P. GOMEZSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Photos by Eddie Gomez Elusive, elegant, and definitely one of the most refreshing cold drinks available during warm weather, the coffee shakerato is an espresso-based drink that is typically served up foamy in a martini glass. … Read more

Yuanyang Coffee Recipe (Hong Kong Style Coffee Tea Drink)

Though I can’t always pencil in a trip to Hong Kong to visit family, I can always make yuanyang coffee (sometimes spelled yuenyeung coffee). Served either iced or hot, this popular Hong Kong drink never fails to transport me back to the sweltering, subtropical Hong Kong streets lined with fragrant food stalls and Hong Kong-style … Read more

Thai Iced Coffee Recipe (Oliang)

Any coffee drinker will agree that one of life’s simple pleasures involves sipping on a sweet iced coffee, no matter the weather. One of the most popular recipes for iced coffee comes from Thailand with a mix of coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and warm spices. It’s sweet, cool, creamy, and delicious. This article details the … Read more

Column: Specialty Coffee Stands Upon an Unsustainable Foundation of Double Standards

Image courtesy of Torque Coffee. A perennial topic in the coffee industry is the balance of economic sustainability and market forces. Every year, questions surrounding value and producer income are explored in endless detail in filled lecture halls at industry events and in earnest white papers; Yet every year the chasm between procurement and sustainable … Read more

Embracing Neurodiversity In The Modern Cafe

Inclusive hiring practices are having a big moment, but neurodiversity is often left out of the conversation. And even when the hiring process has been adjusted, training and retention strategies leave much to be desired. Diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies are always works in progress. Many times, what some would consider “accommodations” for marginalized groups … Read more

A Guide’Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Kenneth Davids at the cupping table. Courtesy photo. It’s been 46 years since Kenneth Davids first published Coffee: A Guide to Buying, Brewing & Enjoyinga book that launched at the dawn of the specialty coffee movement and has lived alongside it through five subsequent revisions. Much has changed in coffee since 1976, yet Davids has … Read more

5 Great Seasonal Drinks in Charlotte, NC

From hibiscus to matcha to tonic and more, these espresso-based drinks feature great flavors for summer and fall in the Queen City. BY KIARA TEASLEYSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Photos by Kiara Teasley Editor’s note: Inspired by the article “Whimsical Drinks for Fall & Winter,” which appears in the current—August + September 2022—issue of Barista Magazine, … Read more

SCA Board Elections, Automatic Brewer Class Action and MoreDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Welcome to DCN’s Weekly Coffee News! Keep up with all the latest stories by subscribing to DCN’s twice-weekly newsletter, featuring breaking coffee industry news and fresh coffee job listings. Do you have news to share? Contact us here. Specialty Coffee Association Announces Candidates for 2023-2024 Board of Directors The Specialty Coffee Association’s nominating committee has … Read more