10 Minutes With Maurizio Giuli: Part One

We chat with Maurizio Giuli, a longtime executive at Simonelli Group, about his lifelong commitment to the coffee world, and the well-being of the baristas who make it possible. BY SARAH ALLENBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos courtesy of Maurizio Giuli While Maurizio Giuli’s is a familiar face at all the biggest coffee conferences throughout the world, … Read more

Broadway Cafe In Kansas City, MO

Sprudge Maps Spotlight looks for coffee bars near and far, new and not-so-new, emerging and iconic. But today we are thrilled to be checking in on a coffee bar with deep roots and history in the coffee-loving conurbation of Kansas City, Missouri. Broadway Cafe has been a hub for coffee culture in KCMO since the … Read more

Upright Bananas, Refried Bean Frappés, Asparagus Milk and Other April 1 HeadlinesDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

In what has become a rite of Spring, coffee companies all over the United States today spewed a torrent of gross food jokes. Some consumers may see April Fools’ Day jokes all the year round on coffee bags showing tasting notes like raspberry compote, toasted clove or champagne, but most of the jokes on April … Read more

What is Ristretto Shot?

Ristretto is an intense shot of espresso served black. You make ristretto the same way you make an espresso: with an espresso machine. But the volume is smaller than a typical espresso. A ristretto shot has a volume of 15 to 20 mL, while espresso is 25 to 35 mL, but you make both with … Read more

What is Mocha?

Mocha is a latte flavored with chocolate. It can also be called a cafe mocha, mocha latteor a mochaccino. It keeps the traditional latte ratio of one-third espresso and two-thirds steamed milk, plus a thin layer of milk foam, but adds a dose of chocolate syrup. Often a mocha will be topped with whipped cream … Read more

Best Coffee Creamers

Coffee creamer is an excellent alternative to milk or half-and-half if you don’t like to take your morning coffee black. As well as whitening your coffee, it adds creamy texture, sweetness, and even additional flavors. Coffee creamer is also a good option for anyone who is lactose intolerant. You do have to be wary of … Read more

What is Latte Macchiato?

Latte macchiato is an espresso-based coffee beverage whose name translates as “stained” or “marked milk”. The name refers to espresso being added to a glass of steamed milk, a dark “stain” on leaving its surface. Latte macchiato is the inverse of the macchiato. In what way? Regular macchiato consists of an espresso touched with a … Read more

What is a cappuccino?

Cappuccino is an espresso-based coffee drink found at coffee shops worldwide. It is a popular drink made of one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk, and one-third frothed milk. Cappuccino is characterized by its airy, frothed milk topping. The cappuccino was invented in the late 1900s, and it originated in Italy. The name cappuccino derives from the … Read more

What is a Flat White?

A flat white is a coffee drink made with espresso, steamed milk, and microfoam. Microfoam is steamed milk that has been lightly infused with air, which produces smooth, velvety milk with tiny air bubbles. When adequately prepared, the air bubbles should hardly be visible to the coffee consumer. The key to a successful flat white … Read more

The Future Of Trans And Nonbinary Excellence In Coffee

As with most social movements, the advancement of transgender justice has in recent years been met with increasing hostility and resistance. Far-right legal powerhouses have orchestrated an all-out attack on transgender youth, driving misinformation and fear about manufactured threats they allege trans people pose. Violence against our community is steadily on the rise, with the … Read more