The Future Of Trans And Nonbinary Excellence In Coffee

As with most social movements, the advancement of transgender justice has in recent years been met with increasing hostility and resistance. Far-right legal powerhouses have orchestrated an all-out attack on transgender youth, driving misinformation and fear about manufactured threats they allege trans people pose. Violence against our community is steadily on the rise, with the … Read more

What is Espresso Macchiato

Espresso Macchiato is an espresso-based coffee drink. It consists of a single or double shot of espresso served in a demitasse cup and topped with a spoonful of steamed milk. You pronounce it “ess-press-oh mock-e-ah-toe,” but it is known as a Caffe Macchiato in Italy. Baristas introduced espresso Macchiato in Italy in the late 1980s. … Read more

Ember Coffee Mug 2 Review: Who Is It For?

Ember Coffee Mug has a lot of positive reviews. And for a good reason, it works as advertised. The real question isn’t whether it keeps your coffee warm but whether it’s worth ten times the price of a standard ceramic mug. So that’s what HomeGrounds decided to find out in this review. Does the Ember … Read more

An Untold Story of Venezuelan Coffee: Part Two

How Venezuelan coffee producers are responding to the domestic need for high-quality coffee. BY YKER VALERIOSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos courtesy of Raúl Martinez From the editor: Recently, we’ve been covering the journey of domestic coffee in coffee-growing regions. After exploring the domestic desire for specialty coffee in Venezuela, we follow how the producers … Read more

Test Drive: The Ratio 6 Brewer

Use straightforward measurements to get your best brew with the Ratio 6 drip coffee brewer. BY ANDREW HOSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos by Andrew Ho Brewing great coffee should be simple, as in: so simple, my half-awake brain should be able to stumble through it without breaking anything or hurting myself in the process. … Read more

The Truth About Green Coffee Extract

A bean described as “magic”, “staggering”, and “miracle”? No, it’s not about the giant, mile-high stalk from “Jack and the Beanstalk.” Green coffee extract (GCE) are three words I didn’t want to think about again, much like “Kopi Luwak,” which is awful, and refuses to be excluded from pop culture. I remember my first time … Read more

Russia’s War in Ukraine is Affecting Coffee in BrazilDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Brazilian farmers must fertilize the coffee fields to maintain plant health. All images courtesy of story author Jonas Ferraresso. Before delving into a technical analysis on the current coffee sector conditions in Brazil, I must first express my support to all the millions of innocent people whose lives have been affected by Russia’s invasion of … Read more