An Untold Story of Venezuelan Coffee: Part Two

How Venezuelan coffee producers are responding to the domestic need for high-quality coffee. BY YKER VALERIOSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos courtesy of Raúl Martinez From the editor: Recently, we’ve been covering the journey of domestic coffee in coffee-growing regions. After exploring the domestic desire for specialty coffee in Venezuela, we follow how the producers … Read more

Sweet and Salty Reese’s Potato Chip Cake

If you love a sweet and salty combination, you’ll be head over heels for my new Reese’s Potato Chip Cake. The dark chocolate cake layers, paired with the peanut butter filling, potato chip filling and chocolate buttercream are a truly decadent and memorable combination! Reese’s Potato Chip Cake I’m not sure if you’ve seen this … Read more

A Little Star Wars in Cincinnati

As much as we love our city of Columbus, we’ve adored all the time we’ve gotten to spend in Cincinnati over the years. We love its restaurants and breweries, giant historic district, easy streetcar transportation, big attractions like museums and zoos and aquariums. (You can read past itineraries on our Cincinnati travel page.) Just before … Read more

Test Drive: The Ratio 6 Brewer

Use straightforward measurements to get your best brew with the Ratio 6 drip coffee brewer. BY ANDREW HOSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos by Andrew Ho Brewing great coffee should be simple, as in: so simple, my half-awake brain should be able to stumble through it without breaking anything or hurting myself in the process. … Read more

Banana Protein Muffins (Quick, Easy & Healthy)

First Published: Mar 24, 2022 Modified: Mar 27, 2022 by Sandra · This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with no additional cost to you. These banana protein muffins are moist, flavorful, and contain 11 grams of protein. Spread some peanut or walnut butter on them for … Read more

The Most Delicious, Life-Changing Chocolate Cake

The Most Delicious Life-Changing Chocolate Cake – rich, moist, and decadent chocolate cake layers with a silky smooth chocolate buttercream. The Most Delicious, Life-Changing Chocolate Cake I don’t know how on earth I’ve gone six years without putting a basic chocolate cake recipe on my blog. I mean, I have these layers and this buttercream … Read more

The Truth About Green Coffee Extract

A bean described as “magic”, “staggering”, and “miracle”? No, it’s not about the giant, mile-high stalk from “Jack and the Beanstalk.” Green coffee extract (GCE) are three words I didn’t want to think about again, much like “Kopi Luwak,” which is awful, and refuses to be excluded from pop culture. I remember my first time … Read more

Vegan Spinach Mushroom Tart – Vegan Richa

This savory Vegan Spinach Mushroom Tart with homemade pastry is the best thing for breakfast or brunch and you’ll love the combination of spinach and mushrooms! gluten free option This easy vegan spinach mushroom tart goes well for dinner as well as brunch! Serve this tart with my gravy for special dinners or with my … Read more